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This free bundle of the Mass Effect OST, comics and art books is only available for a few more days

(Image credit: EA)

The deluxe editions of Mass Effect 2 and 3 came with a raft of extra digital content and, now that Shepard's Mass Effect trilogy is bundled together in the Legendary Edition, this digital content is available to download free—for a limited time.

The content available includes:

  • The full official Mass Effect soundtrack.
  • The first issues of the Mass Effect: Redemption and Mass Effect: Invasion comics.
  • Two mini art books for Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.
  • A digital lithograph of the Normandy.

It's not a bad haul, in all: Both the comics are the first of four-part miniseries that explore canonical side stories around the events of Mass Effect 2 or 3, with Redemption following Liara (who is otherwise fairly absent outside of her designated DLC) and Invasion following Aria T'Loak. While the the art books obviously aren't the same product as you'd get from the official hardback art books, they aren't skimpy—the Mass Effect 3 one is 74 pages. A "digital lithograph" is maybe a hard sell (it's an illustration, and that's fine), but listening to "I Was Lost Without You" on repeat and crying about can be a little easier for people who like outright owning their music.

While we're waiting for news on what's next in the Mass Effect universe (and you can presume we'll be waiting for a decent while), a little extra stuff doesn't really go amiss. Hence why, on the other side of the BioWare coin, we keep getting teased with concept art for Dragon Age.

The promotion is available until the end of July, "or until download capacity is reached", so if you're on the fence it might be worth getting in there sooner rather than later.