This fighting game glossary helps you tell your air reset from your elbow

Street Fighter character Chun-Li
(Image credit: Capcom)

Infil, the person behind The Complete Killer Instinct Guide, a website for, you guessed it, all things  to do with fighting game classic Killer Instinct, has released a new project called The Fighting Game Glossary.

Here too, the name is the clue: Infil's created a comprehensive list of terms across games like Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Soulcalibur, and more.

Did you know for example, that "juggle potential" has nothing to do with whatever M-rated thoughts you're having, and is instead a term describing how long a continous combo that keeps an opponent airborne will hit for?

The aforementioned Air Reset describes the act of hittinga  character ina  way that allows you to land before them and immediately continue attacking. It's all very involved stuff.

In addition to the terms and an in-depth explanation of each, Infil has also included each term in Japanese, which is cool for anyone following the Japanese fighting game scene, or just straight-up language nerds like me. Glossaries like this can be very valuable resources not only for people already familiar with a scene, but also those new to fighting games who would like to engage with the community but are coming up against an inhibition threshold when trying to figure things out. Maybe you just watch fighting game tournaments sometimes and would still like to be able to parse some background info—there are many possible applications.

Infil's guides are passion projects, and the Fighting Game Glossary took eight months of work according to Infil, so if you would like to make a donation for all the work that went into the guide, you can do so here.