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This early Dark Souls: Remastered cut content is creepy as hell

Photo credit: Lance McDonald. 

Dark Souls detective Lance McDonald is an indie developer turned hobbyist game engineer. He's spent the last few months uncovering cut content from Hidetaka Miyazaki's twisted action RPG series—which has led us to believe Oceiros' baby wasn't always invisible, and that Pontiff Sulyvahn may have once been Dark Souls 3's final boss.

Dark Souls: Remastered appears to have launched on Steam a day early, and McDonald has in turn entered Lordran. 

As revealed on his Twitter feed, the Soulsborne sleuth discovered 17 unused maps files which contain a host of pre-release assets. They're in the earliest of states, but it's nevertheless cool to catch a glimpse behind From Software's curtain.

Read our interview with Lance McDonald, where he discusses the process of uncovering the above, here. Check out McDonald's Twitter feed for more discoveries.