This chill city builder lets you create buildings, farms, and fields simply by drawing shapes

A small farming settlement
(Image credit: Asaloda Games)

For fans of chill city builders like Townscaper, Gourdlets, Terra Nil, and the upcoming Tiny Glade, I've got another relaxing building game to add to your wishlist. 

Lands of Koastalia sets you up as mayor of a peaceful island community where you oversee a growing population, try to meet their needs, and create cozy buildings, farms, and fields—all by drawing shapes on ground. As you can see in the announcement trailer below, Koastalia is a picturesque world of fluffy trees and happy sheep, which you'll oversee as you draw shapes and watch cozy-looking farmhouses, vibrant little wheat fields, and fenced-in livestock pens appear.

"You can literally create different buildings by just drawing shapes on the grid. Our special building algorithms will generate a unique building each time, bringing an element of visual charm to your village," says developer Asaloda Games.

It's more than just an exercise in relaxation, however: you'll also need to handle a bit of planning and management—though different difficulty levels will let you tweak the balance between chill and challenging.

"Strategically settle villages around different resources, and manage production and supplies to thrive in this tranquil and visually captivating world," the developer says. "While your population grows their needs become more and more complex. Build production chains in order to fulfill all the needs of your residents."

There's no release date yet announced for Lands of Koastalia, but you'll find it here on Steam in the meantime. 

Christopher Livingston
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