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This branching game about being a tree has 16 endings

It turns out being a tree is more exciting than just standing on the spot listening to the wind rustling your leaves—at least if How To Be a Tree's arboreal fantasy is to be believed. As a tree, you can become a therapist, sprout a jetpack and blast into space, or conquer humanity, jumping over tanks and toppling skyscrapers.

It's a platformer with a branching story that will take you to one of 16 surreal endings. It has a touch of The Stanley Parable about it: you can take several paths through the levels, and as you do so the narration will change, a floating eye following you around and passing judgement.  

As for the platforming, your tree is surprisingly bouncy and bendy, and you can curl it up into a compact squiggle to squeeze through tight gaps. The trailer at the bottom of this post will give you a good idea.

It's a short game: creator Jimmy "Zaphos" Andrews posted a 46-second speedrun on YouTube this week. Most playthroughs will take a lot longer, but you could probably find all the endings in two to three hours. 

Grab it for free on And if you're a tree lover, you should read Matt's history of trees in PC gaming.

Thanks, Kotaku.

Samuel Horti

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