This alternate ending to The Walking Dead Season One is now canon

What do game developers do when they're desperately bored? If the developer in question is Sean Ainsworth, a designer, writer, and artist on Telltale releases including Tales from the Borderlands, Minecraft: Story Mode, and The Walking Dead, he makes an "alternate ending" to TWD Season One that we have decided is officially canon. 

The video, brought to our attention by former Telltale designer and director Jake Rodkin, was created during the final days of work on The Walking Dead Season One. "The last week of production on Season 1, it was just me and @Spainsy left waiting for any last minute bugs," Rodkin tweeted. "He made this during that stir crazy week." 

Ainsworth confirmed that he was responsible for it, calling it a "weird, dumb thing."   

Be that as it may, it's pretty great, too. Is it actually canon? It was created by Telltale for a game built on the "choose your own adventure" design, and described by the designer and director on the project as an "alternate ending." That's good enough for me!

Sadly, Telltale remains in a dire, last-days state, and despite CEO Pete Hawley's insistence that the studio is not closing down, it's hard to foresee any other realistic outcome. We took a look at its legacy, and why it matters, here.

Andy Chalk

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