This 32-inch 1440p 144Hz monitor with FreeSync support is on sale for $290

We consider Asus's ROG Swift MG279Q as the best gaming monitor with FreeSync, but if were looking to buy a display right now, we would give strong consideration to a dark horse option from Monoprice.

Monoprice is selling a 32-inch QHD (2560x1440) monitor for $290 today, down from its regular $399.99 price. It's bigger than the MG279Q and sports a VA panel with a 144Hz refresh rate, and has a "frameless" bezel.

While normally we would be hesitant of an off-brand, we're familiar with Monoprice as a retailer, especially when it comes to shopping for cables. We're also encouraged by a review our friends at TomsHardware posted on this very model.

"For $400 it’s hard to think of another large gaming monitor that offers as much as the Monoprice 33822. It’s far cheaper than an ultra-wide and offers very immersive gameplay. With FreeSync, 144Hz, and a VA panel, it should be on value-conscious gamers' short lists," TomsHardware wrote.


Monoprice 32-inch Monitor | 144Hz | FreeSync | $290
This monitor normally goes for $399.99, but is on sale today for $290. It has a VA panel with a fast 144Hz refresh rate, FreeSync support, and ultra-thin bezels. Buy at Monoprice

There's also a version of this monitor with a curved panel that is on sale for the same price.

Monoprice Curved 32-inch Monitor | 144Hz | FreeSync | $290Buy at Monoprice

Monoprice Curved 32-inch Monitor | 144Hz | FreeSync | $290
The specs are the same as the monitor above (VA panel, 144Hz refresh rate, FreeSync support, 1440p resolution), except this version has an 1800R curvature. Buy at Monoprice

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