There's apparently a mission to find Trump's rumored 'pee tape' in Far Cry 5

Reports that Donald Trump allegedly hired Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama once slept in at the Moscow Ritz Carlton first surfaced in 2017 as part of a dossier collated by a British ex-intelligence officer called Christoper Steele. Now there's a sentence I hoped I'd never have to write on a videogame website. Unfortunately, Far Cry 5 appears to have a side-mission in which you recover the tape for a government handler. So here I am, writing about it. Spoilers follow, I guess.

Polygon today discovered the side-quest, called Patriot Acts, and posted video of the mission's inception and completion. At no point in the mission is Trump specifically named, but the special agent who gives you the mission says it's for the "Big Man" and there are multiple, not very subtle references to the alleged Trump 'pee tape'.

The tape (in the game) was brought to America by a hotel worker and is a recording of something that happened in a luxury hotel suite in a country the agent refers to as "Kremlandia". When speaking to the tape's owner over a radio, the agent uses the code phrase "The bed has been wet" and later refers to "wet work" and "the yellow brick road." Whatever is on the tape, the agent says, could make the Big Man look bad to the public, hence your assignment.

So, a secret agent trying to protect a "Big Man" from being embarrassed by a tape from a luxury hotel suite in Russia, with multiple references to wet beds and urine. You don't need a decoder ring to sort this one out.

Thanks (sort of), Polygon.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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