There's a full text adventure game hiding in's source code

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There's a text adventure game hiding in the source code of Google Chrome.

It's not clear how long the game's been sat there, waiting to be discovered, but confirmation of the game popped up on Reddit a few days ago (opens in new tab) courtesy of u/attempt_number_1 (opens in new tab).

To get involved, open Google Chrome, and search "text adventure" (opens in new tab) (ensuring you're on and not etc.) Hit Ctrl+Shift+I—or CMD+option+I on Mac—and "Would you like to play a game? (yes/no)" will be revealed on the console.

Image credit: John Reetun

Image credit: John Reetun

The game requires you to locate the other missing letters of the Google logo by way of simple text directions—just north, south, east, and west—and just two actions: "grab" and "inventory". 

Given the number of people asking for help on the thread, it seems we shouldn't go in expecting an easy game, nor a quick one—some finish-times clock in at over an hour and a half. 

According to u/jeremyhoffman, the locations depicted "sound like Google Mountain View buildings 45/47 on Charleston Road across from Charleston Park. Probably the one who codes the Easter egg worked in that building!"

Image credit: John Reetun