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There's a documentary about the 'duct-taped gamer' coming out

Since 2003 the infamous photo of a Counter-Strike player duct-taped into a cocoon—hanging from the ceiling but still scoring frags or whatever we called them back in the day—has been going around the internet. In 2017 a Kotaku article told the story of the LAN game where it happened, unearthing the identity of the duct-taped gamer himself: Drew Purvis. 

But apparently there's more to the story left to be told, because as the trailer above shows, there's an entire documentary about this duct-taped phenomenon. Accompanied by a monologue lifted from Star Wars, the trailer promises to tell "the true story behind one of the internet’s most famous photos". 

It's called Internet Legends: Duct-Taped Gamer, and it's made by the same crew of nerds responsible for the original photo. No release date has been announced.

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