'There are no plans to reduce the scale of development on Babylon's Fall', says dev team

Babylon's Fall
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Babylon's Fall, the live-service flop developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix, is apparently not going to be abandoned so that everyone involved can move on to do something more worthwhile with their lives. According to a statement from the Babylon's Fall development team, Babylon's Fall will continue to be supported.

"Is the continuing service in danger?" the statement asks. "No, there are no plans to reduce the scale of development on Babylon's Fall. Content up to the end of Season 2 is now practically complete and we have started work on Season 3 and beyond."

Thank goodness for that, because who doesn't love "content"? According to a summary of a recent dev livestream, as part of a large-scale update on March 22, Babylon's Fall will be getting a new chapter, map, faction, and weapon type, an increased level cap, a game mode called Gauntlet, and more. On March 29 a limited time event will begin, in collaboration with Nier: Automata, the game that's attracted two quite disparate groups of fans—people who are super into philosophy, and horny weirdos.

The statement goes on to note that, "We will continue to provide new content for the game and make improvements based on player feedback, striving to keep existing players playing and to attract newcomers. We would like to thank all sentinels already enjoying the world of Babylon's Fall, as we look forward to welcoming more of you in the future!"

Our reviewer Anne-Marie Coyle wasn't particularly enthusiastic about Babylon's Fall, seeing it as a low point for Platinum Games, who previously developed Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Anne-Marie summed it up by saying, "Far from the consistently exhilarating high-octane combat, unique characters, and fascinating worlds that the studio is synonymous with crafting, Babylon's Fall crumbles under the weight of bland design, repetitive gameplay and prioritisation of paywalls over players."

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