The world's angriest Metroidvania is out soon and would probably make the Doom Guy flinch

The main character in Cookie Cutter, a new Metroidvania action game, is an android "full of rage" and on a quest to find her kidnapped girlfriend.

The newest trailer for Cookie Cutter, which just dropped during the Future Games Show today, might be the angriest thing I've seen all week. Cherry absolutely barrels through the 2D levels of the factory she's trapped in, tearing monsters apart.

It's like if you translated Doom 2016 into a sidescrolling action game. The soundtrack behind Cherry's carnage is all crunchy guitars and thumping drums. She even pulls out a massive chainsaw and starts ripping and tearing like it was nothing. The Doom Guy would be impressed.

One of the game's bosses looks like a giant troll with a whole mouth for a belly. I've played Elden Ring: giants with eyes or mouths for stomachs are never a good sign. And, unsurprisingly, it doesn't end well for them.

The combat in Cookie Cutter moves fast, but there's a real weight to each hit with Cherry's arsenal of weapons. It looks like she has a big mechanical fist, a guitar, a chainsaw, a motorcycle, and some kind of lazer gun. The way she just hops onto her pink bike and rams straight into her enemies might make that one my favorite though.

The idea of a Metroidvania protagonist that has no time for distractions is funny in concept, but I do wonder how that will play out when a lot of these games can slow way down as you study the map for new locations to explore. If Cookie Cutter can keep up the momentum when it comes out sometime this summer, I'll gladly go on Cherry's gory quest to get her girlfriend back.

You can read more about the game and wishlist it over on Steam.

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