The Witcher's timeline makes a lot more sense thanks to Netflix's interactive map

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If trying to keep up with The Witcher's jumping timeline has made your head spin, Netflix is finally lending a hand. A very slick and extremely helpful interactive map, along with an accompanying timeline, is now yours to browse, which should hopefully clarify some wheres and whens. And even if you've got a grasp of it, who'd pass up the chance to explore a sexy fantasy map? 

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Here's what Witcher game you should play first. Getting started is not as intimidating as you'd think. 

The Witcher only ever drops hints about when an event is taking place—brief references to battles, jokes about Jaskier ageing—but this map lays the whole thing bare, even rather rudely revealing exactly how old Yennefer and Geralt are. There's a 32-year difference, making Geralt a bit of a perv, but we already knew that. By the time they meet for the first time and have their saucy tumble, they're already getting on a bit, and by the end of the season Geralt's 103—but still rocking those very tight trousers—and Yenn's 72. Magic is a heck of a skincare regimen. 

The timeline is split into four tracks, following Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri and general history. The show dumps a fair amount of lore on viewers, so now you know when all of those historical events took place. The timeline also notes what episodes stuff occurred in, if you need a refresher. 

Click on the timeline and you'll be taken to the location on the map, which lights up depending on what characters are involved. The weather also changes, depending on what event you're clicking on, along with other neat effects. 

Scroll to the far left, where the timeline begins with the Conjunction of Spheres, and you'll see ink falling onto the map, revealing the monsters the magical event brought to the world. Scroll all the way to the right and the map burns away to reveal a message: "Va'esse deiradh aep eigean, va'esse eigh faidh'ar." According to Google, that's Elder Speech for "something ends, something begins." Unfortunately, it won't begin until next year, when The Witcher season 2 kicks off.

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