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Here's the new cast for The Witcher season 2

(Image credit: Netflix)

The Witcher season 2 probably won't be hitting Netflix until 2021, but expect plenty of morsels to snack on until then. Today, Netflix revealed the new cast joining Geralt and pals on their next misadventure, though it looks like there are some omissions. 

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Redanian Intelligence leaked Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju's role earlier in the week, but it's still nice to get confirmation that we'll be getting more of the hairy Wildling. Rather appropriately, he's playing Nivellin, a man cursed to transform into a monstrous bear. 

The trio of witchers joining the show also leaked earlier, but there was one witcher missing: Vesemir. While Netflix has now confirmed the leaks, there's still no word on who's playing Geralt's mentor. There's been a considerable push to get Mark Hamill to take on the role, but it looks like we'll have to keep waiting to find out if it's been successful. 

Even if you skipped the books and just played The Witcher 3, you'll recognise a lot of the names. The witchers Lambert and Eskel, for instance, crop up during quests and when you go back to Kaer Morhen. Lambert's a sarcastic dickhead, while Eskel is the responsible one. They're joined by another witcher, Coën, who belongs to a different school of monster hunters. 

The Witcher's second season will apparently be a bit more linear than its time-hopping predecessor, though the story details are still a mystery. There's certainly no dearth of material to draw from. In the meantime, there's a Witcher anime on the way, too; we don't have a release date yet, but it will likely be making an appearance before season 2. 

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