The Witcher is getting a Pokemon Go style AR game and it doesn't look terrible

Look out, "monsters are freely roaming the land in great numbers". A new mobile game called The Witcher: Monster Slayer promises an augmented reality Witcher experience that will let you battle the series' most fiendish denizens in a random parking lot somewhere near you.

Sure, it's a mobile game, but at PC Gamer we will ingest anything with even a whiff of The Witcher to it. The pitch is basically Pokemon Go for grownups, and it sounds like it will incorporate important elements of Witcher fiction. Concocting potions and oils will apparently be essential to defeating foes. You also get to use sword and signs in first person, which is sure to be a tricky test for your iPad's gesture recognition software.

The game is coming to IOS and Android later this year, and will supposedly also have "rich, story-driven quests inspired by other games from the series". To be honest this sounds really good to me, but will it be as good as the Youtube comments accompanying the debut trailer? Doubtful. To get more info in future keep an eye on the official site.

(Image credit: YouTube)

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