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The Witcher 3 game director joins Cyberpunk 2077 team

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Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, who was one of a trio of creative directors on The Witcher 3, has joined the Cyberpunk 2077 team. In January it was revealed that Sebastian Stepien, also a creative director on The Witcher 3 as well as a narrative and setting director on Cyberpunk 2077, had left CD Projekt Red to work for Blizzard (opens in new tab). Tomaszkiewicz may be filling the gap, adopting roles as vice president of game development and design director for Cyberpunk 2077 according to his Linkedin profile (opens in new tab), originally spotted by a poster on Reddit (opens in new tab).

As for other recent movement on the Cyberpunk 2077 front it's been confirmed that we'll hear something at E3 (opens in new tab). Here's everything we know about it so far (opens in new tab).

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