The Witcher 2 devs dismiss Ubi-DRM fears

CD Projekt have poopooed fan anxieties over publisher's DRM-friendly comments in a recent interview with our sister site CVG.

When asked what he thought of Ubisoft's controversial always-on DRM system, Namco Bandai Partners VP Olivier Comte told CVG news-lord Andy Robinson, "I think it's a good [approach] for one reason: I have no alternative today." Namco Bandai are publishing Witcher 2.

When Witcher fans got wind of it, they flooded CD Projekt with worried emails. The Polish developer and founder of DRM-free digital distribution platform Good Old Games updated their flagship game's facebook page to assure fans that they shouldn't expect The Witcher 2 to come packaged with draconian DRM. They said:

"Our distributors commented the Ubisoft-like DRM security solutions, and we're receiving a massive feedback about applying such in The Witcher 2. There's nothing to worry about, as nothing is decided yet. And still, it's a private opinion. You know Cd Projekt RED's opinion about DRM, right? ;-)"

The Witcher 2 will be a traditional singleplayer RPG. We're glad you don't have to be online to play the thing.

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