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The Walking Dead: Episode Three shambles onto the PC tomorrow

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The Walking Dead: Episode Three

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Ready to bust some more zombie heads? Telltale's point-and-click series The Walking Dead gets its third episode, named "Long Road Ahead," tomorrow for the PC through Steam (opens in new tab) , Origin (opens in new tab) , Amazon (opens in new tab) , GameStop (opens in new tab) , GameFly (opens in new tab) , and the Telltale Game Store (opens in new tab) . After just two episodes, the series exquisite focus on character development -- I'll pitch myself into the blazing sun if it ensures poor Clementine's survival -- has already picked up accolades from the creator of the original Walking Dead comic books, as well as an Editor's Choice (opens in new tab) from PC Gamer.

The Walking Dead: Episode Three costs $5 for the standalone version or $20 for the Season Pass that nets you all five planned episodes, the latter practically a no-brainer (pun shamelessly intended) for such an engrossing story arc.

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