The Walking Dead: Episode Three shambles onto the PC tomorrow

The Walking Dead: Episode Three

Ready to bust some more zombie heads? Telltale's point-and-click series The Walking Dead gets its third episode, named "Long Road Ahead," tomorrow for the PC through Steam , Origin , Amazon , GameStop , GameFly , and the Telltale Game Store . After just two episodes, the series exquisite focus on character development -- I'll pitch myself into the blazing sun if it ensures poor Clementine's survival -- has already picked up accolades from the creator of the original Walking Dead comic books, as well as an Editor's Choice from PC Gamer.

The Walking Dead: Episode Three costs $5 for the standalone version or $20 for the Season Pass that nets you all five planned episodes, the latter practically a no-brainer (pun shamelessly intended) for such an engrossing story arc.

Omri Petitte

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