The Underhollow, Dota 2's battle royale with cheese, is now live

The Underhollow, the Dota 2 battle royale with cheese mode that was announced in May, is now live. The new mode is available exclusively to owners of the 2018 International Battle Pass, a multi-level offering for Dota fans that also includes new modes, sprays, a Cavern Crawl, and other rewards. 

The Underhollow pits eight teams of three players each against one other in a great quest for Roshefort, the rarest of all cheese located in the caverns beneath Roshan's lair. But the other cheese-chasing teams are just the start of your problems: Roshan himself is also that sharp, savory flavor, and his rambunctious roaming is causing the tunnels to collapse, slowly constricting the playing area. 

The last team standing will earn a hefty bounty of Battle Points, which can also be claimed (in smaller amounts) by taking out opposing players and discovering treasures or cheese. (Which isn't to say that a good cheese isn't a treasure, but you know what I mean.) 

The level 1 Dota 2 International Battle Pass goes for $10, while the level 75 is $37. You can also purchases levels separately if you want to upgrade your pass to take advantage of higher reward tiers. Full details are available at

Andy Chalk

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