The Technomancer trailer features electro-combat, companions, more

The Technomancer2

I've used my "Technomancer? I hardly know her" 'joke' before now, so here's a grumpily punless introduction to the RPG's latest trailer. Mars is all the rage at the moment, thanks to The Martian—and, oh, that trifling discovery of water traces on the red planet—but neither Matt Damon's Mars, nor the real Milky Way's, features electro-warriors or mutant spiders, I'd wager.

The Technomancer also features actual Spiders, which is to say, the developer Spiders, which has been cranking out...interesting RPGs for the last few years. This one is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG set on the reddy-brown planet; a spin-off/follow-up to the critically shrugged Mars: War Logs.

As you can see, it features fighting. Also, stealth. Also loot, companions, romance, and other vaguely BioWarey things. You're Zachariah, a 'technomancer' able to use magic electric powers, and three different fighting styles in combat. Here's a bit more, from the press release:

"In the video, you'll see Zachariah fighting and exploring throughout the markets and shanties of Noctis, one of the major cities in The Technomancer, where over a hundred years of separation from Earth, new cultures, clans, and super-powers formed throughout Mars, causing clashes and in-fighting across the red planet.

"It's not all about the combat, though, with a deep, modular crafting system changing the visible and active qualities of clothing and weapons from scrap you find on Mars. Cut off from Earth for 120 years, Mars is a world in conflict, with many different cultures and communities - and the games weapons and clothing reflect this quality, with jury rigged and make-shift weapons and armor, designed for survival, or militaristic rule!"

The Technomancer is out 2016.

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