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The Talos Principle is getting an expansion


Brain-taxing puzzler The Talos Principle is getting an expansion, publisher Devolver has announced. Called the Road to Gehenna, it will cast you as Elohim's messenger, and will send you through a new, previously hidden chunk of the simulation. Fun fact: Gehenna has all manner of religious significance, and could also theoretically contain lasers you can redirect.

A four-episode add-on, Croteam is promising the most advanced and challenging puzzles yet made for the game. It'll also feature new story from the main game's writers, Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes.

"We wanted to revisit the world of The Talos Principle and deliver new characters and a new world with its own history and culture,” said Jubert in a press release. “With Road to Gehenna we have created an all-new narrative which both branches off from and expands the original character’s journey."

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna is due out this Spring.

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