The Surge 2's latest trailer is full of fashion disasters

The Surge 2 will let you slap lots of mechanical bits and pieces to your body as you murder your way through the rather unfriendly Jericho City, and judging by the new trailer your ensemble is probably going to get a bit weird. 

Such is the curse of the RPG hero, always stuck trying to make do with whatever gear is available, even if it means you have to walk around looking like a melted gold statue. I recall a particularly trying time where I was stuck with a pair of purple trousers in World of Warcraft. My guild got me through it. 

Acquiring parts is a bit of a grisly job. The action part of this action-RPG is rather bloody, and you'll be hacking off limbs to get your hands on the good stuff, all in preparation for some tricky boss battles, a few of which we get to see in the trailer. There are some pretty cool enemy designs on display, and I'm a big fan of this guy and his creepy octopus robot:

(Image credit: Focus Home Interactive)

The Surge 2 is due out on September 24.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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