The Super Adventure Festival comes to GW2

Super Adventure Box 2

In keeping with April 1 tradition, the Super Adventure Box has returned to Guild Wars 2, but with a twist: this year, it's the Super Adventure Festival.

The Festival incorporates Worlds 1 and 2 of the retro platformer-themed Adventure Box in Normal, Infantile and Tribulation modes, Super Adventure furniture for guild halls, orange SAB weapon skins and a Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier. The Festival will run till April 19, and if my memories of falling to my death thanks to overzealous collision detection serve me right, you'll want to get started now if you're gunning for the best rewards.

There's a smattering of minor bugfixes to accompany the tomfoolery, so it could be worth checking in on the full patch notes if you're the detail-oriented sort. Meanwhile, here's a '90s-style Super Adventure Box trailer from before they were cool.