The Sunday Video Pwn

We all knew that CoD:BLOPS was a pretty poor offering design-wise from Treyarch, but this video really shows the extent to which the game's multplayer is broken. Here, 500 kills are racked up in one game alone, thanks to the abuse of the spawn points, a helicopter gun-ship and a ballistic knife. The commentary gives a good overview of just what's going wrong here.

This week, the infamous Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw reviewed Two World II . There's much mocking to be had of course, but he does pose the question of where exactly is the second world? Answers on a postcard please (or in the comments).

It was GDC this week, and without a doubt the most exciting thing on show was Battlefield 3. It's loud, it's violent and more beautiful beyond your wildest dreams. You can see it in HD glory for almost three minutes. That not enough? Take a look at this shaky-cam footage for even more Battlefield.

GDC also saw a great talk on Guild Wars 2, which conveniently was filmed for your viewing pleasure. Starting with Character Creation , the four-part video takes a look at the new faster-paced combat, the exciting new dynamic events, and how death has been retooled for Guild Wars 2 (it's got a Second Wind-style system as seen in Borderlands). The game certainly looks like a great entry to the MMO genre, and we can't wait for its (sadly TBC) release.

We all love Lego. We all love Star Wars. The third game in the Lego Star Wars series still hasn't lost it's trade mark charm, and even been based on non-original-trilogy material can't dampen the smile this new trailer provokes.

A new trailer for Tropico 4 has landed. If we're honest, it's not all that interesting. BUT it does have music guaranteed to get you shaking imaginary maracas to. What better way to start your Sunday morning than with some ultra-happy Caribbean beats?

It's awards season at the moment, and over in the land of film we've already seen the likes of the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards. But of course, it's not just our less-interactive cousins that get given tokens to symbolise that they're better than the rest. This year's GDC was host to its own award ceremony, which incorporated the IGF awards . The ceremony is over two hours long, so we recommend you go get breakfast sorted now and watch it over a nice cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich.

Finally for today, we've got a couple of new Operation Flashpoint: Red River clips. The game is looking much improved compared to its 'meh' predecessor, with some great looking explosions. Catch some dirt flying from incoming mortar rounds , and watch how you can deal the pain yourself .