The Sunday Video Pwn

The best thing about being a PC gamer is the vast amount of original ideas we get access to. Consoles rarely get to experience the joys of a game that's truly original. The likes of World of Goo, Machinarium and Minecraft are experiences that really can only be provided by the PC and its low barrier of entry, allowing riskier IP creation. As such, as PC gamers we can play such insanity as Cargo! - a game involving a severe lack of gravity, numerous geographical landmarks and a race of naked midgets. Just take a look at the trailer; it's as if LSD fumes are being sprayed out of your screen right into your prefrontal cortex. Mental as it appears, it also seems to be packing some fun gameplay, with a Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts style vehicle creation feature. Interested? Grab it from Steam .

Thinking of neat creation features, I found this dragon created in Spore over on Reddit. It's videos like these that remind me just how good Spore was in its own little way. Granted, it was a huge miss-step as an actual strategy game, but as a creative tool it was sublime. Since Spore was released we've seen a ton of different creatures, but this dragon is one heck of an impressive beast. We can only hope that Spore's creature creator feature will be put to good use in Darkspore, which is set to combine the creative side of Spore with some much improved action combat mechanics .

In trailers this week, we've got another Duke Nukem Forever one as the launch date draws ever closer. This one is somewhat of a highlights reel of everything to do with the Duke, featuring blood, pigs, strippers, toilets and remote control cars. It's also completely uncensored, so if you're viewing this on Monday morning at work, be warned: NSFW!

Dead Mage Studio have their first game almost ready to ship. Garshasp: The Monster Slayer is a hack-n-slash in the vein of God of War, but opts for the lesser explored setting of Iranian mythology. Naturally for the genre, plenty of big ugly guys are going to take a sword to the face in elaborate, acrobatic combat. It doesn't appear to break the mould by any means, but the PC doesn't see that many hack-n-slash titles these days so for fans of the genre this may be worth keeping an eye on.

Arma 2 is a favourite at the PCG office, and a new expansion pack is on its way. Good thing too, since Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a bit rubbish , so we need some fresh blood in the military sim genre to keep up occupied. Arma 2: Reinforcements seems to have everything you'd want from an army simulator, including the our British boys and their beaten up Land Rovers. Huzzah!

In other military shooter news, DICE have finally accumulated all the Facebook 'likes' they demanded, and released the commentary to accompany that twelve minute gameplay trailer.

Some new footage has cropped up for the latest Dungeons & Dragons game: Daggerdale . In this trailer the focus is more on the plot rather than the action, confirming the game actually does have a story. The video would mislead you by not displaying PC as a format, but should this D&D adventure take your fancy, we can confirm that it definitely is headed to the PC.

And finally, in the week where Valve's latest masterpiece has been released, we couldn't finish the Pwn without including some Portal 2 videos. First up, a handy tutorial showing you how to do local splitscreen co-op in Portal 2 , enabling you to play the co-op campaign with two players in the same room on the same computer. Genius! Secondly, have you ever wanted all of Cave Johnson's wisdom downloaded straight into your brain? Unfortunately PC Gamer's lab isn't as advanced as Aperture's, but we can provide a video with every Cave quote ever .