The Sunday Video Pwn

DICE issued us a challenge this week: 1 million 'likes' of their Facebook page is required to unlock the producer's commentary of this epic twelve-minute trailer for Battlefield 3. As of writing, we've achieved 800,000 so the final reward is within our grasp. The video itself shows the 'Fault Line' scenario in its entirety. Whilst you've probably experienced much of it over the three 'episodes' DICE have released over the last couple of months, it's certainly worth watching as a complete spectacle. And a spectacle it is; a slice of the experience yet to come. This video certainly sets the bar high, and we very much hope that Battlefield 3 will fulfil all its promises.

This week, developers Kalypso want you to meet Roland . He's a playable character in their hacky-slashy medieval romp The First Templar, and in this latest trailer you can see him work those sword-swinging moves on a variety of enemies. There's plenty of slow-motion swordplay from the Assassin's Creed school of combat, too.

Section 8: Prejudice is on its way, and the launch trailer shows off a lot of promising gameplay. The game looks significantly improved over its predecessor, and also sports a lovely budget price tag. The sheer amount of lasers and drop-pod crashes can't help hide the knife-in-the-gut that is the release date though, with Xbox players getting their mitts on it a whole two weeks before us. Scandalous!

Oh god, no! Please, anything but that! Not THE WALL OF DEATH! This insane idea for a multiplayer mode is the one that strikes most fear into my feeble little heart, shown off in this multiplayer trailer for FEAR 3 . Waves of soldiers, killing my former allies and dealing with blood-drenched phantoms are all in a days work, but attempting to survive a wall of pure death? Count me out. F**king run, indeed.

Namco have put up a trailer for their latest Ridge Racer title: Unbounded. The series seems to have shifted from its exceptionally arcadey roots, opting for a tone more in-line with the 2000's Need for Speed entries, using sultry sex appeal and roaring V8 engines to entice petrol heads. Unfortunately, the lack of any in-game footage whatsoever doesn't help Namco's cause. For now, nothing will tear us away from Hot Pursuit for a fix of high-revving adrenaline.

Take a look at this trailer for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. At first glance, it seems a pretty generic fantasy RPG with an equally uninspired title. However, whilst the visual content may be nothing special, the name checks the trailer makes are. We've got R.A. Salvatore (a NYT best-selling author of fantasy novels), Todd McFarlane (creator of the Spawn comics) and Ken Rolston (lead designer of Oblivion). Whilst the art style of the game looks nothing to get excited about (at least for now), this star-studded production team at least offers a bucket of promises. If the design and narrative of the game live up to the standards of its creators' previous works, then this could be a special title for 2012.