The Stanley Parable trailer offers a spoiler-free sneak peek of some corridors

This new trailer for The Stanley Parable takes the form of one of those "Let Us Play" videos that those lovable scamps on YouTube enjoy producing. Not that you need to worry about spoilers for the upcoming commercial remake, beyond confirmation that yes, there are some corridors. And light fittings, and side offices, and, of course, an insidious and disturbing narrator/puppet-master.

The Stanley Parable should be with us all next month . If you want to prepare for its dark meta-narrative, check out the original mod . Or, follow the spirit of a trailer, and find a popular YouTuberist to see if they've done a playthrough for you. Brilliantly, their incessant need to fill every second of footage with the half-thought nonsense in their head will replace the game's tonal nuance with a bland and meaningless emptiness. Like the audio/visual equivalent of eating plain yoghurt.

Phil Savage

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