The Sociable Soccer Kickstarter has been canceled

Sociable Soccer

The Kickstarter for Sociable Soccer, the "spiritual successor" to the much-loved early-90s arcade soccer sim Sensible Soccer, kicked off earlier this month with a £300,000 ($457,000) goal. Sadly for those who wanted to see it happen (sorry, Tim), it managed to pull in just over ten percent of that amount in its first two weeks, and has now been canceled.

There's no "final update" explaining the decision to cancel, but the Kickstarter now leads with a message confirming that it's over. "Dear Backers and Fans, thank you for your support. Development is continuing full steam ahead but unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign is now closed," it says. "Sociable Soccer is still happening and will come out in due course through traditional publishing channels."

Sensible/Sociable Soccer creator Jon Hare told Eurogamer that a prototype of the new game that "plays amazingly well" has already been developed, and while the crowdfunding campaign failed to attract much attention among gamers, it did draw the notice of game publishers. "Much more than that I cannot say at the moment, except that development is continuing at full tilt and when we get nearer to confirming how we will be bringing the game to market we will be sure to let you know," he said.

Fans who want to follow the future of Sociable Soccer may now do so on its Facebook page.

Sociable Soccer Kickstarter cancellation message

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