The Secret World's Scorched Desert location mapped out

[VAMS id="jL1Kh3xueZfx9"]

We've just hacked into Funcom's servers and got a top-secret trailer and screenshots for their upcoming MMO, The Secret World. OK, we totally made that bit about hacking into their servers up for the purposes of trying to do a joke about fact that The Secret World has the word “Secret” in the title. It's not like you believed it for one minute, anyway.

The new trailer showcases the Scorched Desert location, and unlike many game trailers, it's actually pretty good. There's a certain Exorcist-like vibe to the location, with giant locusts and possessed people running around willy-nilly. Only The Exorcist didn't feature people with shotguns executing all manner of hideous beasts.

The Secret World is set for release next April, and you can read our preview here . Read it now!