The Secret World trailer spills the beans on the Illuminati

In an bold move, the worlds most secret society has released a trailer revealing itself to the world. In the latest trailer for The Secret World, spotted on Evil Avatar , the washed up, whisky swilling narrator describes the Illuminati with a nihilism and lust for secrets shared only by high level conspiracy members and ex News of the World journalists. That lust for knowledge will lead them into confrontations with The Secret World's army of otherworldly foes, like concrete golems and knife wielding maniacs who explode into a storm of ravens on death.

Beyond The Secret World's weirdness and hyper-paranoid premise, there promises to be some intriguing ARG style puzzles, which will tie in with real world clues. You can hear more in our interview with The Secret World developer Ragnar Tørnquist , and sign up for the beta via The Secret World site .

Tom Senior

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