The Secret World open beta coming before Christmas? Nuh-uh, says Funcom


When you're constantly buried in a world of multi-tendriled conspiracies, smooth-talking secret societies, and all of history's greatest boogiemen, I have to imagine that it's easy to let tidbits of a less apocalyptic nature slip out. Such was thought to be the case when recent reports of an alleged pre-Christmas Secret World open beta date surfaced. Funcom, however, has finally set the record straight.

"Open beta will not be initiated before Christmas, but will be a part of our strategy next year prior to our April 2012 launch," the Age of Conan and Anarchy Online developer wrote on its website .

A subscription rate - which the same video placed at "between $15 and $17" - was also shot down. For now, it's far from final.

"Funcom has not yet made any official announcements regarding the business model or price points for The Secret World," reads the post. "This is still being discussed and evaluated internally, and we will make an official announcement when this has been finalized."

So then, right hand, meet left. Or maybe - just maybe - this was all a clever ruse set in motion by some silently cackling Illuminati to keep its secret safe from the MMO-obsessed masses. No one is safe.

...Or maybe that first thing.