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The Secret World final beta weekend open to everyone who registers by Friday

The Secret World Desert

Funcom's conspiracies-and-monsters MMO The Secret World is coming out on the 3rd of July - and to celebrate, the developer is making the final beta weekend open to the public. If you register your interest on the official site by this Friday then you'll gain access. The beta weekend runs from 4pm GMT/12pm EDT on Friday until 7am GMT/3am EDT on Monday.

If you've been playing in any of the previous beta weekends, your progress has been saved - so you'll get to keep playing from where you left off. All three factions are available, and for the first time the persistent PvP will be opening up.

Find out more by checking out the official announcement . Yesterday, T.J. reported back from The Secret World, where he's been battling Mayans alongside Excalibur-wielding Vikings . Have you been taking part in The Secret World's beta, readers? What are your thoughts so far?

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