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The Secret World beta weekend key giveaway

The Secret World raaargh

This giveaway has not closed. Congratulations if you managed to get a key!

The Secret World is going to be a lot less secret for those invited into the super secretbeta test this weekend. Uh oh. I've said too much. The Illuminati are almost certainly on the way, but I think I just have enough time to give away TEN THOUSAND beta keys before they get here. Read on for your chance to grab a key. Quick! This tin foil hat will only hold off the forces of evil for so long.

To enter, simply click through the link below to the competition page and enter your details.

Let me into The Secret World weekend beta!

If you've entered successfully, you should receive your code by email. To redeem your key, visit and either sign up for a new Funcom account using the key, or apply it to an existing account. You'll then be able to download the client from your account page. See you in game!

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