The secret to Battlefield 5 stealth: take a nap on some books

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To be fair to his seemingly near-sighted opponents, YouTuber jackfrags (opens in new tab) mostly avoids moving and shooting (the main things people do in Battlefield 5) while testing the awareness of other players in the video above. Even so, it's pretty funny watching him become Solid Snake by lying down on some books.

Like jackfrags, I don't mind that BF5 emphasizes keen eyes over jamming Q to mark enemies, but I have felt the frustration of being shot in the back by someone I just didn't see. And for the most part, simply by lying down for a bit, jackfrags is able to become a chameleon noticed only by snipers and those who happen to come face-to-feet with him.

Despite the frustration of missing a prone enemy now and then, I'm less in the 'enemies should be easier spot' camp and more in the 'I'm going to try lying down on some books' camp, but what's your take? Is Battlefield 5's camo too camouflaging or should everyone just pay more attention? Players in the subreddit are a bit divided (opens in new tab) on the topic, and DICE has said it's planning to "address" visibility (opens in new tab) in some way.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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