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The SanDisk Ultra NAND 2TB SSD is £239 on Amazon today, saving you £120

SanDisk Ultra Nand 2TB SSD is £239
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Want your PC to have better load times, responsiveness, and performance? Amazon’s cut the price of the SanDisk Ultra NAND 2TB Internal SSD - it’s now £239.99/$279.99. This is a saving of £120/$44.61 and is well worth your attention because solid state drives are such a vast improvement over standard HDDs. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it’s the single biggest upgrade you can make to an aging PC. If you’d rather not spend as much and you live in the US, there’s a 1TB version instead for the lower cost of $124.99 (sadly it’s not reduced in the UK). 

UK deal

2TB SanDisk Ultra NAND 2TB Internal SSD | £239.99 (£120 off)
Upgrade your PC for much less than normal with this SanDisk Ultra SSD. Buy it on Amazon

US deal

2TB SanDisk Ultra NAND 2TB Internal SSD | $279.99 ($44.61 off)
Give your PC a boost with this Amazon deal on the SanDisk Ultra SSD. Buy it on Amazon

But why should you bother with an SSD in the first place? Simply put, they’re a whole lot faster than standard hard drives (even more so if you opt for one of the best NVMe SSDs). As PC Gamer’s own Jarred Walton said in our guide to the best SSDs for gaming, it’s “the best upgrade you can make to your PC for general responsiveness and performance. Every modern PC needs one, not because it will dramatically improve framerates (though it might smooth out a few spikes), but because Windows just feels so much better with an SSD.” 

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