The Pillars of Eternity 'making of' documentary is now free for everyone

The Road to Eternity is a feature-length documentary detailing the making of Obsidian's fantasy RPG Pillars of Eternity. It was initially offered as a reward to backers of the Pillars Kickstarter, and then, at the end of 2015, released for sale (for $1) on Vimeo. But now you don't even have to pay that, because the whole thing is up—and free—on Obsidian's YouTube channel. 

The documentary, featuring Obsidian mainguys Feargus Urquhart, Adam Brennecke, and Josh Sawyer, starts off on a bit of a bleak note, after a canceled project forced layoffs and even consideration of the studio's outright closure. Obviously, that didn't happen: Pillars of Eternity was a hit, and Obsidian's future looks to be secure. In fact, it's recently been teasing a mysterious new project that will be unveiled to the public tomorrow. What could it possible be!

Andy Chalk

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