The Overwatch 'Year of the Dog' event is coming next week

Last year, Blizzard marked the coming of the Lunar New Year with the Year of the Rooster event in Overwatch. It's returning for 2018, but this time it's all about the dogs. 

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Blizzard said it will share more information on what's coming in the Year of the Dog "soon," but we can probably get a good idea of what's in store by looking at what happened last year. The Rooster delivered unto us new cosmetic items including skins, emotes, victory poses, voice  lines, sprays, highlight intros, and icons, a Lunar New Year-themed reskin of the Lijiang Tower map, and a new CTF brawl in the Arcade called Capture the Rooster. 

"Capture the Dog" doesn't have quite the same smooth ring to it, though. Team Dogmatch, maybe?

The Overwatch Year of the Dog will begin on February 8. Given that today is February 2, I imagine we'll have more to tell you very soon.

Andy Chalk

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