Here's an hour of side-quests from The Outer Worlds—including a murder investigation

Phil and I recently got to spend some time playing The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming FPS RPG. It was a long, healthy session of the unfinished game, where we were each given time to explore the planet of Monarch in pretty much any manner we wanted.

Above, you can see about an hour of edited footage—some of it is mine, and some it is Phil's (and don't worry, I don't talk over the entire damn video). We both began with the same level 11 character and two companions, standing close to the city of Fallbrook. I began with one of my companions' side-quests and then get into a bit of mischief at the behest of a local drug distributor. Phil, meanwhile, turned in the other direction and wound up in another city, Stellar Bay, where he took on quests to track down a missing person and investigate the grisly murder of gambler. And we both fought a number of outlaws and alien monsters, and spent lots of time chatting with the locals.

Keep in mind that we were playing an unfinished build, and be warned that if you watch, several side-quests will be spoiled, though I don't think any major plotlines are revealed. You can read my impressions of my time with The Outer Worlds right here. And if you like stealth, I also have an article and video about how disguises work in The Outer Worlds

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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