The Old Republic's Jedi home-world "sucked for a long time"


Tython is the planet from which the Jedi hail, and is almost certainly one of the most important planets in Star Wars lore. It features in The Old Republic as the starting world for Jedi classes, and is a lush green paradise. However, things were not always so serene, as lead writer Daniel Erickson reveals in the new issue of PC Gamer UK : "Tython sucked for a long time."

Luckily BioWare are a developer who never settle for second best, and so after much work Tython is now a Jedi paradise of rolling hills and clean, white cliffs. You can read the full play test of The Old Republic in the current issue of PC Gamer UK, available in stores now. You can buy the latest issue online with free postage right here , or subscribe to save money and receive your issue early every month.