The official Fallout 4 companion app is out now


Anyone with an Android or iOS device can now download the official Fallout 4 companion app. This means you don't have to bring up your Pip-Boy in-game to check your stats or switch radio stations: you can do it on your phone or tablet. And anyone who bought the lavish Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition will be able to slot their phone into a replica of the wrist-mounted gizmo for maximum post-apocalyptic immersion.

The app also allows you to play holotape games—basically Fallout-flavoured versions of classic arcade games—and check your stats, inventory, and so on, even if you aren't in the game. So if you're at work and you feel the urge to check what perks you have, you can slip into the toilets and do so. Maybe take your plastic Pip-Boy off first, though. Your boss might smell a mole-rat.

You can't do much with the app at the moment (the game isn't out yet, of course), but the retro-futuristic visuals are pretty cool-looking, and there are two holotape games available to play: Red Menace and Atomic Command, which are inspired by retro classics Donkey Kong and Missile Command respectively.

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