The next thing Razer is adding RGB lighting to is *checks notes* a car

(Image credit: Razer)

Razer is getting into the smart electric vehicle market, and no, this is not an early April Fool's Day prank.

Best known for its line of PC peripherals, including gaming mice and keyboards, Razer announced it is teaming up with Nio to release a limited edition ES6 Night Explorer with Chroma RGB lighting. Only 88 will be made, all of which are destined for the Chinese market.

Unless things go sour in a hurry, the ES6 Night Explorer will not be the only Razer-branded vehicle. Razer says its collaboration will extend to future smart car models, all with RGB lighting, of course.

"Razer Chroma lighting for smart cars will enable customizable lighting effects for the passenger compartment, audio visualization features, synchronization, and game integrations by tapping into the ambient RGB lighting controls of NIO smart electric vehicles for a truly immersive experience," Razer says.

How the gaming integration angle plays out remains to be seen—maybe these will have displays embedded into the seats for connecting PCs and consoles.

Razer has certainly shown it is not afraid to branch out into additional markets, though if you saw the company announcing the launch of a toaster and an automobile in the span of three months, you might want to start charging for your predictions.

Paul Lilly

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