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Call of Duty video hints at story, reveal coming this Sunday

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At the end of April, the Call of Duty website is updated. At the beginning of May, a teaser trailer is released. Yay, that's the true true, every year like the last, and 2014 won't break the cycle. On Sunday, Activision will reveal the next Call of Duty with the first teaser trailer and details on Game Informer , which has already posted a screenshot. The screenshot looks like this:

I'm pretty sure the watermark isn't part of the game, but I can't be sure. Fire is confirmed, though. And we also know that Activision interviewed the founder of private security firm Blackwater (now called Academi under its current owners) in a mildly creepy mini-doc about the privatization of the military.

First it's Ghosts' paranoia over China, rare earth metals, and drones, and now it's the privatization of the military, which "leads you to wonder: with advanced weaponry, highly trained soldiers, billions of dollars at their disposal, and few regulations, what happens when they stop taking orders, and start taking over?"

I'm pretty sure what happens is a new Call of Duty, and I think my suspicions will be confirmed on Sunday. I'm a little uncomfortable with this new trend of posing frightening questions (among its successes, Blackwater also shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007), and then building a CoD campaign around them. Why so serious? For such a bombastic and silly series, I expect bombastic and silly story premises—inciting fear might be better reserved for documentaries.

Tyler Wilde

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