The next Call of Duty will be revealed before the end of June

The next Call of Duty will be announced before June 30, Activision confirmed in a conference call with investors. We don't have a name yet, but rumours point to it being Modern Warfare 4. 

In an earlier earnings call, Rob Kostich, president of publishing said the latest game in the series would have an entirely new campaign "rooted in some of the franchise's most important history", feeding the rumours about it being another Modern Warfare. 

During yesterday's call, Kostich told investors that Activision planned to reveal Call of Duty later this quarter, adding that the publisher felt "incredibly good" about Infinity Ward's latest.

COO Collister Johnson tackled the subject of keeping players fighting beyond launch. “We need to do even more to maintain the breadth of our Call of Duty player base beyond the launch quarters, and the Call of Duty team is hard at work on that for this fall’s big content release."

Call of Duty has already been shown off behind closed doors, with a quartet of American football players recently getting a sneak peak. A video of the event appeared and some were convinced they could hear "Modern Warfare 4" in the background, but it's very hard to make out and I'm not convinced.

With E3 2019 kicking off on June 11, expect to see Call of Duty making its first appearance before then. 

Cheers, VG24/7.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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