The MultiVersus battle pass has no gleamium and that kinda sucks

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After a brief delay, MultiVersus season one has arrived. It's been a rocky launch for the patch with plenty of frustrating bugs to contend with, like Wonder Woman hurting herself and Arya's up special not connecting. There's also the game's first 50-tier battle pass, which is going down like a lead balloon with players for one reason: there isn't a single bit of gleamium, MultiVersus' premium currency, to be seen on either the free or paid track.

It's an interesting choice, especially in the face of other games like Fortnite and Apex which incentivise players to plough through the battle pass in order to have enough premium currency to buy the next one. Not only is MultiVersus completely lacking in a gleamium reward, there are also rather a few empty tiers in the former. Coupled with its $10 price tag, the pass is proving unpopular among many players.

A ton of Reddit posts have cropped up in the last few hours with fans lamenting the rewards and the battle pass's overall worth. One poster said the battle pass "sucks," adding they were "so disappointed right now." Many comments agreed, with one saying how "missing tiers is a real killer." Another comment reads: "The pricing on this game is outrageous. It's right on par, maybe even a little worst than Fortnite, which is pretty pricey." 

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Some players didn't seem to mind however, with one saying "I might be ignorant but I've played many F2P games where the battle pass doesn't include the paid currency. It's not required by any means, especially if the other content included gives more than gleamium is worth." If words and debates aren't your cup of tea for decision-making, there's also a post that compares the battle pass to a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken deluxe meal (also $10). Spoiler: the Chick-fil-A wins.

It's true that MultiVersus isn't the only game with a battle pass to forgo premium currency rewards, but it's a disappointment regardless. Earning a small portion of gleamium towards the next battle pass would have been lovely, but at the very least filling up those empty free tiers feels like a major priority right now. Surely the whole point is that each tier of progression should mean something, no matter how small: a little bit of gold or even a couple of extra toasts would go a long way to keeping the battle pass feeling satisfying. MultiVersus is a game still finding its feet, and things could end up looking a lot different in season two. I'll personally be giving this one a miss, but if you're a Harley Quinn or Tom & Jerry main then the battle pass may be one worth scoping out for their respective skins.

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