The Mandate reaches Kickstarter goal, aims for stretch goals in final days of campaign

If there's one thing we're learning about Kickstarter , it's that you should probably make your games about space. In fact, even if your game isn't about space, you should probably tell people it's set in space. It wouldn't even be a lie. Everywhere is set in space. The Mandate is definitely set in space, and as a result of that - and possibly also as a result of it being a cool looking Tsarist space opera RPG - it's successfully raised the desired goal of $500,000.

There are now just four days left in the campaign, which means they'll need to increase their economic warp factor if they're going to hit any stretch goals. Currently planned goals include:

  • $600.000: Away Missions on Planets

  • $700.000: Starbase Boarding Operations

  • $800.000: Mod Support

In between these major milestones, the developers will also be unlocking a free strategy guide, art bible and 3D character pack for various funding tiers. Unfortunately, I can't see the project getting particularly far through its remaining goals in the time remaining. That's a bit of a shame, because it's a situation where instead of celebrating the existence of a game, I'm left with the bittersweet twinge of knowing it won't have mod support.

To find out what it will have, check out some of these previous trailers. If you're interested enough to get involved, head over to the Kickstarter page .

Phil Savage

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