The Mandate promises a space RPG adventure among the Tsars

No! There can never be enough space games. After all, space is infinite, so there's plenty of room for them. Not like other overused game themes. I mean, zombies? How many rotting carcasses can you fit in the ground? Not infinite of them. Erm, I think this intro is getting away from me. Ah, space! Here's another game set there: The Mandate, which is being described as a "Tsarist space opera RPG" and is now seeking Kickstarter funding .

If that wasn't indie enough, its developers have also released Scourge of the Mandate , a free - and I'm going to tactfully sidestep copyright here - Adventure, Owned By Your Choices, Of Which You Will Choose, On Your Own. Phew, that was smoooooth.

What appeals about The Mandate is an almost throwaway dedication to barmy avenues of obsession. As an example, here's a passage from their Kickstarter description: "We believe the story to be so important to The Mandate, that we've written 1500 years of history based on Tsarist Russian lore and history. What if the Tsars ruled space?"

The game's promised blend of galactic exploration, crew interaction and ship battling is all dependant on its makers raising $500,000. So far, they're at a reasonable 221,774, with 24 days left of their 60 day campaign stretch.

As for the text adventure, you can play that here . It's pretty lightweight, but a good indication of the main game's ultimate tone.

Phil Savage

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