The live-action Doom teaser exhorts you to "Fight Like Hell"


Remember that awful Doom movie with The Rock and Karl Urban? Bethesda Softworks remembers. You can tell, because the new live-action teaser for the upcoming Doom FPS is nothing like it.

To be fair, it's only a minute long, as opposed to the torturous 105 minutes of the film, but it gets right to the point about “relentless combat, terrifying demons, and bad ass guns,” as Bethesda put it. Amusingly, the video isn't nearly as violent as the game: Not a single creature, human or otherwise, can be seen dying in it. There's not even any blood, aside from a small, congealed puddle on the floor. Pretty cool song, though—“Refused” by New Noise, according to a commenter. (Which is apparently correct.)

The Doom multiplayer beta kicks off at 10 pm ET today, and even though access is restricted, you can get in if you grab one of the codes that will be handed out at GameStop and EB Games from April 1-3—while supplies last, so best not to dally.

Andy Chalk

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