The latest WoW raid gives closure to the Sylvanas saga

WoW's Sanctum of Domination raid went live today, climaxing with a showdown against Sylvanas Windrunner and the mysterious Jailer she's been serving. This has been the endpoint for World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion, and was eagerly anticipated. Now it's been beaten, and the climactic cinematic has been revealed.

The fate of Sylvanas was a point of contention among WoW fans and memelords. Was she going to die? Was she going to repent? Was this all setup for a redemption arc? Well, yes, it turned out to be the redemption arc thing many players predicted, with Sylvanas surprised to learn the villain she's been working with is actually a bad guy, then turning on him only to be punished by, er, getting the lost half of her soul back? Maybe this makes more sense if you've been keeping up with 20 years of Warcraft lore.

You could of course choose to wind back the clock with World of Warcraft: Classic. How are things over there? Well, it's Burning Crusade time and the Horde are so popular it's beginning to ruin the game. Ah. Well, nevertheless.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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