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The latest Overwatch banwave inspires tears, threats, and hilarity

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Another banwave swept the world of Overwatch this weekend, driving the clenched fist of digital justice into the grinning chops of those who would take advantage of exploits and scripts. The crackdown led to two very positive outcomes: One, the game is now cleaner, even if only a little bit, thanks to the reduced number of cheaters; and two, their tears, deliciously cried out onto the Ownedcore forums (via, are so, so sweet. 

Screen caps of some of the best complaints can be seen on Imgur, with highlights including declarations of war on Blizzard, facilitated by the power of Anonymous. Once a few logistical difficulties are overcome, that is. 

Another angry victim opted for a Justin Trudeau-style approach, pointing out that it's 2016, and “cheating happens.” There are the predictable calls for petitions, and promises of dark retribution from the hacker elite.   

At least this guy has a pretty good excuse. 

This guy, on the other hand, has some 'splainin' to do. 

The good news for everyone is that the Internet Legal Team is on the case. 

Look, it's not my place to judge the rightness or wrongness of cheating in online videogames, or the penalties that companies like Blizzard impose upon those who do. But if it was, it would probably be rendered by way of some pointing, some laughing, and a link to the money shot. Enjoy! (And enjoy a few more pieces of gold below.)