The latest Hitman Elusive Target is a kindly old grandmother

There have been 14 Elusive Targets in Hitman so far, each one an interesting character in his or her own right, but I think it's fair to say that none have been quite like the 15th. She is known as the Angel of Death, she has dozens of kills to her credit, and she looks very much like your sweet, doting grandmother. And it's not a disguise.

Etta Davis is a retired nurse, formerly of the Royal Health Service in the UK, who has taken her murderous show on the road. In the past, she killed primarily with poison, but as she's grown older she's become more hands-on, and now prefers blunt instruments and the occasional violent "accident." How a woman in her 70s is able to throw healthy young men off of rooftops isn't clear, but Agent 47 isn't here to get the lowdown on geriatric weight training. He's here to punch Nana's ticket. 

The new Hitman Elusive Target goes live at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET today, December 2, and will remain in play for 168 hours—no more and no less. As always, there are no second chances, so if you blow it she's gone for good. (And you also get to bear the eternal shame of having been outfoxed by a woman with a purse full of hard candy. Better not screw this one up.) 

Sorry, Leon.

Andy Chalk

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